Professional installation influences durability; in fact, the carpeting can ripple when improperly installed. Agler Kitchen, Bath & Floors is a flooring retailer and remodeling company serving Martin and St. Lucie counties in Florida since 1981. Our installers are highly skilled, and our carpet store in Stuart, FL, has top-quality flooring.


On carpet installation day, the room temperature should be at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit so your new flooring will stretch appropriately into place.

Vacuum the old flooring before installers arrive to lessen the dust and allergens in the air, and make sure the area is adequately ventilated. Also, clear a path so installers can move freely between their truck and the remodeled space.

Carpet stretching

Before our installation team lays the underlayment and the new flooring, they clean the subfloor and fill all holes and cracks to help prevent damage to the carpet.

Then installers pull the carpeting across the floor with a stretcher, and a knee kicker is used to get into small spaces like corners or closets. Seams are well hidden, so they are noticeable only with close inspection.


Underlayment, or padding, is integral to the installation process since it keeps carpeting from rubbing against the subfloor and becoming worn.

In addition to providing protection and stability for carpet flooring, underlayment adds cushioning and thermal and sound insulation. Foam and hypoallergenic rubber are popular underlayment materials.

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Family-owned Agler Kitchen, Bath & Floors installs carpet in Stuart, FL, and nearby locales like Jensen Beach, Port Saint Lucie, and Fort Pierce. In addition, we offer free estimates, commercial and interior design services, and remodeling, including kitchens and bathrooms.

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