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Tips from the experts at a kitchen remodeling service

The kitchen can make or break the sale. It's the heart of the home, the center of family activity, and the place where guests visit with the cook. No matter what the scope of the project, there will always be a lot of decisions to be made.

Following is a checklist to help you plan accordingly.

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What does a kitchen remodeling entail?

That’s really up to you. It can be as simple as adding a new floor or creating additional storage, or as complicated as changing the layout and replacing cabinets and countertops. That means it’s hard to pinpoint an exact price, but a kitchen remodel usually averages around $22,000. It can either cost far less or more, up to $80,000.

Set your priorities, goals, and budget

What’s your vision? Are you looking to spruce it up or do you want a full top-to-bottom remodel with even a kitchen layout change? If it’s the latter, are you prepared for additional expenses, such as moving plumbing and gas lines? Also, why are you planning it--for personal style, or are you planning to sell?

Think about the budget because it will affect every decision you make. Whatever you’re planning to spend, try to put aside an additional 10-20% as a cushion for unexpected expenses. Also, know how the costs break down; ask your remodeling service to help you with this.

Select colors that coordinate with the rest of the house and be sure to check if you need any permits. Understand building codes and shipping delivery times. Think about personal logistics, such as where you'll eat and cook, or board pets, during the process.

For more information about our kitchen remodeling service or any of our other products and services, visit the Agler Kitchen & Floors showroom in Stuart, FL. We service Martin and St Lucie County’s. Be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our design pros. We have Florida state licenses in contracting and interior design.